Ground mount bow holder works great for placing your bow while hunting from the ground. Easy access and orientation.

Basic three leg ground stool.
Weight Capacity:  250lbs

Timberstrike Ground Chair with
back rest for all day comfort.
Weight Capacity:  250lbs


The Timberstrike Deer Drag Harness works great when you need to drag out your game where all terrain vehicles are not accessible.

-Attaches w/(2) Ratchets
-Padded arm rests
-Optional shooting rail
-Flip up seat
-Sling style seat can be adapted

Screw-In bow holder for hanging your bow for easy access.
Please check local rules and regulations before defacing any tree.


Steel construction Gambrel works great on all types of big game.

The steel construction Heavy
Duty Gambrel & Hoist works
great for hanging up your
harvest. Extra strong nylon
ropes with dual pulley configuration.

Light works great for those
new hunting locations which
are hard to find in the dark.
The lumination of the red
LED light can be seen over
1/8 mile away.